ZARGES booth graphics

ZARGES display at FDIC 2019 in Indianapolis

A major component of ZARGES USA’s marketing program is to exhibit at trade shows around the country to promote their products and services. They target several different markets, each requiring specific design while maintaining consistent overall branding. BatterySafe pullup Efficiency pullup K470 Plus pullup Medical carts pullup AUSA 2018 FDIC 2019   Details Client ZARGES, […]

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Alameda Museum booth graphics

Island / Not an Island

One of the guiding missions of the Alameda Museum is public outreach. Every year, there are a variety of shows and fairs around the San Francisco Bay Area. A sturdy and simple display was needed for volunteers to set up to attract visitors and inquiries. I researched and created four hop-up displays that provide a “Greatest Hits” of Alameda History in an attractive, digestible and portable form.

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