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ZARGES Collateral

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Since 2013, I have been working with ZARGES, an aluminum case manufacturer based in Charlotte, NC. I have created a variety of collateral for them, including brochures and data sheets, trade show signage, corporate presentations and promotional... Continue…

Historic Alameda Map

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I have served on the board of directors of the Alameda Museum since 2013. We sell a variety of publications in our gift shop, but I noticed that we didn’t have a convenient way for... Continue…

Calendar Design

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As a gift to my friends and clients each year, I design and produce a calendar for the upcoming year. Each year I set myself a new theme, and create a unique design for that year. The... Continue…

Print Advertising

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I started in design with print advertising: my first job in 1993 was designing the ads that appear on the back of grocery store receipts. Since then, I have designed countless print ads, for everything... Continue…

Futon Shop catalogs

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The first catalog that I designed for the Futon Shop was a 36 page, full color brochure, showing all of the different frames, fabrics and accessories. Many of these photos were taken at a photoshoot... Continue…

Pacific Bell Direct Mail

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As the junior designer and production manager at HeadQuarters Advertising, a bilingual Spanish and English advertising agency in San Francisco, I got the chance to work on several interesting projects for Pacific Bell, which since... Continue…