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DIY Behaviorist

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DIY Behaviorist was created to be a resource for parents of autistic children, with a website delivering multimedia lessons and an accompanying workbook. Unfortunately, the client moved onto another project and this one never got... Continue…

WASC Accreditation Handbook

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The Western Association of Schools and Colleges is one of the six regional accrediting associations in the United States. They needed to update their accreditation handbook, and hired me to design the new version to... Continue…

Transit and Venue Advertising

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Better World Advertising’s focus is social marketing, or promoting social and informational causes like HIV prevention and drug harm reduction through targeted advertising. The majority of these ads were run on public transportation in Boston... Continue…

Party Drug Information Cards

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While Art Director at Better World Advertising, we were commissioned to create first one, then a second series of informational cards to be handed out at nightclubs in NYC. The cards provided non-judgemental information about... Continue…