data sheet Examples

ZARGES Collateral

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Since 2013, I have been working with ZARGES, an aluminum case manufacturer based in Charlotte, NC. I have created a variety of collateral for them, including brochures and data sheets, trade show signage, corporate presentations and promotional... Continue…

SANBlaze Collateral

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SANBlaze is a manufacturer of backplanes and other server-related hardware. All of their products require individual data sheets, describing their purposes. They compete in several different markets, with a particular focus on the defense market.... Continue…

Navigenics Collateral

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After updating the company’s web banners and branding, it was time to turn my attention to other corporate collateral. Most important was the redesign of the brochure, to include all of the conditions and medication... Continue…

LookSmart Data Sheets

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As an online search and advertising company, LookSmart’s marketing was primarily directed towards online media. However, they needed a system of one-sheets to hand out at trade shows to prospective clients and customers. I created... Continue…