Navigenics, Inc.

The Project:

Retargeting the branding and positioning for a genomics company based in San Mateo, CA to better reflect their identity as part of a holistic health and wellness program. They had completed their initial round of VC investment and were looking to refine their image.

My Role:

Lead Visual Designer for print and web. 

Corporate Branding and Style Guides

I worked with the Director and VP of Marketing to refresh all corporate materials from corporate communications to presentations to stationery to advertising to marketing materials, including creating style guides and brand usage manuals.
Navigenics PowerPoint Guide

Collateral Design

My next task was to revise the corporate collateral. Most important was the redesign of the brochure, to include all of the conditions and medication responses the DNA test was good for, and to enhance its use as a sales tool. I also created a poster to hang in clinics, new one sheets and email newsletters, as well as new packaging for the saliva test. All of the pieces were designed to emphasize the health and wellness benefits of their genetic tests, rather than the science of genetics, and to make the branding more consistent and recognizable to compete with primary competitor 23andMe.

UI Design and Wire Framing

I was also tasked with creating wireframes and mockups to demonstrate new functionality for the site. The three main projects I worked on were to revise the billing process to allow for renewals, to revise the member home page to include new dynamic content, and to revise the visitor home page with updated assets.

Online Advertising

An integral part of the branding redesign at Navigenics was the creation of a new system of online banner ads, aimed at both consumers and partners, all emphasizing the company’s new focus on holistic health. We were very careful in choosing the right style and imagery to convey the refined positioning of the company.


The company was acquired by Life Sciences the year after I left and is now currently part of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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