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I’m Adam Gillitt and I design all kinds of wonderful things for print and the web. I chose this profession because I love to create products that are intuitive, attractive, and useful. I always pay close attention to details because subtle changes have big effects. What holds my work together is my commitment to functional design, which engages the viewer while providing the intended message.

I have successfully conceived and executed comprehensive branding and marketing systems that adapt to any need or platform.

I love creating branding and identities that stand out and express themselves.

I excel at developing and managing scalable WordPress sites that provide useful functionality with intuitive design and well-organized information. 

Employers, coworkers, and clients enjoy working with me and appreciate my professionalism and range of skills.

Tracy Johnson

Adam is as diligent as anyone I have ever had the pleasure to collaborate with. Prompt and thorough is a rare quality, Adam is fortunate to possess both in abundance. His creative talent has propelled our business in ways we did not imagine and could not have expected.

Trish Spencer
Alameda City Council Member

Adam has helped me with two successful campaigns for elected office. He's collaborative, smart, creative, professional, and quick. He produces clean, eye-catching, memorable products; timeless yet cutting edge. Highly recommended.

Robert Carroll
Wind River

Adam was a great consultant who helped develop social networking strategies, as well as implementing the right tools for our organization. Adam is professional, detail oriented, and has high standards.

Dennis Evanosky
Alameda Sun

I strongly recommend Adam not only for his design skills, but for his creativity and originality. If you are looking for someone with web design skills who will go the extra mile for you, look no further!

Ben Zoldan

It took me about one minute to want to hire you. And I'm so happy I did because you've really helped me tell my story to the world. The best part for me is bigger than all the checkboxes on this Linkedin page: "technical expert", "great results", "creative", etc... you're all those; but for me, it's more: it's how you really listened, how you got me, how you connected, and then how you added clarity & took my ideas to the next level.

Christina Tan
Funny or Die

Adam is one reliable and creative web designer! He has an exceptional turn around and took many initiatives to go far and beyond with what was excepted in his projects. With tight deadlines and nearly impossible requests, Adam has never failed to pull through and deliver!

Liz Williams
Collaboration Zone

Adam took the time to learn not only my business, but me, then used his graphic and web design expertise to bring my vision into form. He steered me away from some bad choices and encouraged feedback at every stage.

Michael Campbell

Adam creates successful designs that fulfill real business needs and meet tight deadlines.

Mary Wilkins

Adam is bright, creative and well versed on consumer perception. His observations about some of our visibility challenges were dead on. Adam finished projects on time and was always willing to go the extra mile.

I have held many titles, including Production Manager, Lead Designer, Marketing Manager, Art Director, and Creative Director.

I have created and executed successful designs for diverse industries including B2B, B2C, retail, education, entertainment, health & wellness, non-profit, and technology.

Adam Gillitt Employer and Client logos
Adam Gillitt Employer and Client logos

More about Adam Gillitt

Adam Gillitt - December, 2020I have been a professional graphic designer and web developer since receiving my BA from Brown University with a concentration in English and American literature and a minor in education.

From 2011-2020, I was the lead designer and creative director at TISOAA, a marketing services agency with offices in Boston, MA and Alameda, CA, providing marketing services to national clients in the tech, health and wellness, B2B and B2C sectors. My responsibilities included managing projects designing, developing, and maintaining WordPress eCommerce websites; executing marketing and advertising campaigns; creating branding and identity; designing corporate communications and collateral managing print production; conducting market research; creating and posting to social media; managing contractors and vendors; and other associated creative services.

My very first professional design job was to create advertising for the back of grocery store receipts. It was the equivalent of boot camp- creating complex and legible ads as quickly as possible within the constraints of small sizes and high density while using only two colors at a time. I then moved on to become the editorial designer for the weekly newspaper of the Harvard Business School, where I rose to become Art Director, and was tasked with redesigning the entire paper.

Subsequently I have been employed by several different ad agencies for diverse national clients including telcos, retail chains, and non-profits where I designed, art directed, and managed production for diverse products including direct mail, in-store advertising, collateral, brochures, billboards and transit advertising.

I have led all aspects of advertising, marketing and design, including the website, in-store displays, branding, collateral, broadcast media, production, and budgeting for a 17-store retail chain. I have worked for major dot-coms, developing, wire framing, and implementing new UIs, developing style guides and branding guidelines, creating illustrations and interactive graphics, and designing advertising and marketing.

I have offered similar services as a consultant along the way, managing projects, providing creative and artistic direction for marketing and branding, and producing designs for print and web for major universities, leading technology corporations, and top-tier websites, as well as for local businesses, non-profits, and political campaigns.

Currently, I offer freelance consulting services via Gillico Worldwide, which is a design and creative firm focused on WordPress site development and associated branding and marketing.

I am an avid photographer and have been since I got my first 110 Instamatic camera when I was seven years old. I have shown and sold my work publicly and I relish being able to use my skills professionally, to art direct and produce photo shoots and process and manipulate images.

As well, I enjoy opportunities to use my writing skills in a variety of ways- technical documentation, advertising copy, journalism, feature articles, and opinions.

Since 2016, I have been a member of the Alameda Public Art Commission, making decisions and recommendations to City Council regarding public art programs and installations in the City of Alameda. In 2019, I was elected as the Chairperson, and in 2020, I was appointed to a second term, which concludes in 2024.

I live with my partner in the San Francisco Bay area in an old house with an eclectic garden, thousands of honeybees, some tropical fish, and a capricious calico cat. My interests outside of work include cooking, flea markets, gardening, biking, home improvement, and technology.

If you would like more information or to engage my services, please use this form to contact me directly about your needs. Thank you.