One of the most enjoyable projects I worked on at the Futon Shop was broadcast advertising. We bought a lot of radio time in the Bay Area and LA markets to better compete in the bedding market. But, the spots we had been running were outdated and overused.

As a result, I wrote two different series of spots, one which used used some off-beat humor to promote the products, while the other was more focused on explaining the virtues of the products. In addition to creative direction, copywriting, and production with an audio technician, I also provided some of the voiceovers and edited the final spots for distribution.

The television ad and several shorter versions were designed and produced on a small budget, using Final Cut Pro Express, some glamour shots, and the “Ken Burns” effect. Again, I provided the VO, and did the production. Most of the ads played on local stations in CA.

“Futon Hunter”

“Futon Detective”

“Futon Trek”

“Quiz Show”