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Peter the Pop Up Penguin

I love my new holiday decorative penguin and igloo.

Truth is always stranger
So this high school student was arrested at his own prom for wearing a prom dress, see. And a wig, and a corsage, and his mom's purse, too. He's a straight boy, but when his gay friend was dateless for the prom, he agreed to go. But, he decided it would cause fewer questions if he went in drag. "I looked like Marilyn Monroe," said the member of the track, ski and powerlifting teams. Unfortunately, although the school was fine with two male students going together, they didn't seem to go for the prom dress bit. Now, the poor boy can't compete for the pole vaulting record!

Best Spam Ever
This just arrived from a Russian email address:
Hi, I am Julie from Texas, Alabama. I find design to be so interesting that I decided to put all my life on traveling and experiencing new things. I just turned 18 and I am a senior high school student. I live alone currently, hang out, learn and just have fun. Me and my girls go to party's every now and then, we actually just got back from on. Half of them are still sleeping, few are watching TV, me personally I like what I do and I am proud of it ;;;). Maybe you can get a hold of us online, I have my own website with my cam. I finally got it done free access. I wouldn't pay my self to tell you the truth. take a look say hi, and who knows where that can take us ;D. [url removed]