Writing Commercials

The best part about my job is getting to be creative. Duh. Anyone who knows me knows that's how I feel. But I definitely don't get to be creative enough. For the past few days, I have been writing scripts for a new batch of radio commercials. I don't really have the resources to create a major media campaign, but I am pretty sure I can string together some radio spots to create some familiarity for our products and get new customers in the store.

Of the last round of commercials I did, my favorite was my detective genre ad, which featured a confused P.I. who " had got it all wrong... and then I saw her..."As I have said before, my favorite ad campaign right now is the CitiBank Identity Theft series, with people talking with their identity thief's voice coming out of their mouthes. What makes it memorable is the unexpected mixed with humor. I think that campaign was part of the impetus to think about other amusingly inappropriate situations for futons within television cliches.

So we recorded and produced the three best of the spots today, and yesterday the sales offers and store locations were recorded separately. The way they are designed, the spot runs for about 40 seconds of "story" and then the last 20 seconds are offers and locations. Since everything was recorded separately, I have been in the process of mixing them with the appropriate offers and locations-- 4 spots x 4 different offers x 2 sales areas = 32 final mixes!

Okay, enough of my chattering on, here are the three [UPDATE: we are only going to use two] new spots: Futon Hunter and Quiz Show.

Here is the Futon Trek spot that didn't make the cut...and if you must hear it, here is an alternate version of Futon Hunter.