On Being Able to See

It's been 10 days since I had Lasik eye surgery. All I can say is "Wow!' After wearing glasses since 1978, and basically having a clear field of vision only between 5 and 9 inches from the tip of my nose, now I need no correction, and at my last check-up, I was told I see better than 20/20. As Barbara Walters would say, "That's simpwy wondaful!"

I've already finished my course of antibiotics and soothing eye drops, and now just need the occasional lubrication. No swelling, no pain or discomfort anymore, and the hematomas have almost completely subsided. Not bad for recent serious eye surgery.

And it WAS serious. Although the whole procedure really doesn't take all that long, I have to say, having someone else manipulate my eyes and eyelids is not my idea of fun. The pressure one device exerted while holding my eyeball in place was especially unpleasant, and even though i was sedated and anesthetized (Vicodin and Valium, sure to become Eddie and Patsy's new cocktail of choice any day now), I was aware of what was going on, and could feel a great deal of it. Fortunately, as a wise pseudo-rocker once said, "I'd be really upset right now, if I wasn't so heavily sedated."

I don't want to sound like a whiner, because the whole procedure took less than 3 hours total, and the next morning I could see crystal clear. Philosophically, I suppose I could go on a bit about how my way of viewing the world has changed, and I will never be able to see things the way I once did. But it begs the question, is what I gave up something to be missed? And without much thought, I can easily say yes.

It's difficult to quantify the difference in my vision now. Even though I was used to clear and unobstructed vision through my contact lenses, there is a quality to being able to see clearly, without any assistance, that is impossible to quantify. It's just better than seeing with contacts was, and immeasurably better than seeing with glasses.

So, thanks Ma for the wonderful gift and the amazing opportunity to see clearly. I'm really grateful, and encourage anyone who is eligible for the procedure to consider it. For those that are interested, you can get more information here- I had the IntraLase and the WaveFront procedures. And if you go see Dr. Faktorovich, tell her staff I referred you, and you'll get $300 off your procedure!