Welcome to 'Adam.Gillitt.com'

Well, it looks like I have my new blog up and running. It's taken a while, and a lot of help from Jody, but I think the basics are done. The main templates, the basic structure, and the internal mechanisms are all up and running. The next part is troubleshooting and making it do all the things I want from here on in, and hammering out the last details of the design.

So this weblog will be 3 for the price of one: there are three main sections. This one is called "Thoughts" and will be the repository of whatever detritus flows forth from my mangled brain. "Photos" are images taken with my Nokia 3650 camera phone, and uploaded via the Web. The quality insn't the greatest, but the convenience makes it worth it. "Links" are items of interest that I find as I surf around the Web and want to share with you.

The right-most column has a search function, tells you what music I have been listening to recently, and gives a link for you to listen to and purchase from Amazon.com. Then I have listed some links of sites that I enjoy and recommend.

This is the first site design I have done entirely in CSS. No tables were harmed in the production of this site. Unfortunately, that leaves some of the older browsers out in the cold and unable to access this site, but it gives me greater flexibility to generate RSS, XML, ATOM, and hopefully soon, WAP, so that you can access this site from a phone or PDA. Ah, the 21st Century...

Please feel free to send in your questions, suggestions, criticisms and comments, I am interested in your feedback, and I'm certainly not just doing this for my own benefit...