What I Had For Dinner Tonight

In 2008, I launched a blog to answer a question a friend kept asking me, “What did you have for dinner tonight?” I realized it would be more fun if others could contribute and share their meals, and soon, the blog became an active community, with thousands of posts and comments.

Now, five years later the blog boasts members from North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa, and has a thriving Facebook community, too. It is fully Search Engine Optimized, and ranks in the top 10 of major search engines for common variations of the phrase, “dinner tonight.” It has become an excellent resource for cooks, too, allowing users to search for meals by ingredients.

I’ve enjoyed the challenge of rethinking the site several times, to incorporate new social and web technologies. I’ve also used the site as a chance to explore how to customize and create child themes for WordPress themes created by others. The latest update for the fifth anniversary allows users to post to the site automatically when they post to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Flickr. The site is also fully responsive, with different displays for different platforms.