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Navigenics Wireframes and Mockups

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At Navigenics, I was not only responsible for redesigning the branding for the marketing department, I was also tasked with creating wireframes and mockups to demonstrate new functionality for the site. The three main projects... Continue…

Navigenics Collateral

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After updating the company’s web banners and branding, it was time to turn my attention to other corporate collateral. Most important was the redesign of the brochure, to include all of the conditions and medication... Continue…

Navigenics Branding Redesign

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I was hired at Navigenics in 2011 to help transform their branding and positioning as a genetics company to better reflect their identity as part of a holistic health and wellness program. They had completed... Continue…

Navigenics Banners

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An integral part of the branding redesign at Navigenics was the creation of a new system of online banner ads, aimed at both consumers and partners, all emphasizing the company’s new focus on holistic health.... Continue…