Optosource logo alternate

Optosource Identity

Optosource is a sports technology company that provides hardware technology, software solutions and services with the aim of helping clients integrate, utilize and implement solutions into their practice, school or training facility. When they started in 2010, they were primarily focussed on reselling Microgate’s OptoGait and OptoJump products and developed branding to match. Now, as developers of their own 4Pillars software, and as their product line expands, they hired me to create a new logo and identity.

I created a new word mark and logo using black and white and the shade of orange they had previously used. It was important to convey the sportiveness and technical precision of the company and products. Using a forward leaning typeface, which I further streamlined, conveys a feeling of motion, while the precise outline and shadow emphasize accuracy. The supporting color palette was chosen to evoke dynamism, professionalism and stability.