Identity  Examples

Optosource Identity

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Optosource is a sports technology company that provides hardware technology, software solutions and services with the aim of helping clients integrate, utilize and implement solutions into their practice, school or training facility. When they started... Continue…

Navigenics Branding Redesign

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I was hired at Navigenics in 2011 to help transform their branding and positioning as a genetics company to better reflect their identity as part of a holistic health and wellness program. They had completed... Continue…

DIY Behaviorist

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DIY Behaviorist was created to be a resource for parents of autistic children, with a website delivering multimedia lessons and an accompanying workbook. Unfortunately, the client moved onto another project and this one never got... Continue…

Mosaic Community Health Center

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Finding a lack of health care options for Denver’s LGBTQ community, Kert Hubin started a non-profit venture to create a community center. I found out about his efforts and volunteered my services, pro-bono, to create... Continue…

Logo Design

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I love designing logos. I love the challenge of distilling the essence of the idea down to its simplest form and then representing it memorably. I have created a variety of logos for different applications,... Continue…

LookSmart Sub Brands

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LookSmart was undergoing rapid change while I was there, both in the focus of their business and in their design. Among my duties was to undertake the creation of a simple system of identifying the... Continue…