Collateral  Examples

Online Illustration

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These illustrations appeared on the pages of either ZDNet News, TechTV’s TechLive or eWeek to accompany top story headlines, identify ongoing sections, or graphically illustrate information provided in stories. Most of these were a lot... Continue…

PC Mag eBooks

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I was hired to design a group of four stand-alone eBooks about popular tech topics that were sold by Ziff-Davis Media. I given free reign to come up with something fun and engaging, so I... Continue…

Futon Shop catalogs

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The first catalog that I designed for the Futon Shop was a 36 page, full color brochure, showing all of the different frames, fabrics and accessories. Many of these photos were taken at a photoshoot... Continue…

Party Drug Information Cards

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While Art Director at Better World Advertising, we were commissioned to create first one, then a second series of informational cards to be handed out at nightclubs in NYC. The cards provided non-judgemental information about... Continue…

Pacific Bell Direct Mail

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As the junior designer and production manager at HeadQuarters Advertising, a bilingual Spanish and English advertising agency in San Francisco, I got the chance to work on several interesting projects for Pacific Bell, which since... Continue…