Advertising  Examples

Navigenics Banners

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An integral part of the branding redesign at Navigenics was the creation of a new system of online banner ads, aimed at both consumers and partners, all emphasizing the company’s new focus on holistic health.... Continue…

Funny or Die Advertising

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Designing ad units for Funny or Die required a special set of skills. Clients usually required quick turnaround and coordination of the design of their major national ad campaigns to Funny or Die’s specific site... Continue…

Print Advertising

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I started in design with print advertising: my first job in 1993 was designing the ads that appear on the back of grocery store receipts. Since then, I have designed countless print ads, for everything... Continue…

Futon Shop advertising campaign

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Being the Creative Director of the Futon Shop allowed me the chance to try several different approaches to advertising campaigns. The chain of 18 furniture stores had an annual advertising budget of over $1 million... Continue…

Transit and Venue Advertising

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Better World Advertising’s focus is social marketing, or promoting social and informational causes like HIV prevention and drug harm reduction through targeted advertising. The majority of these ads were run on public transportation in Boston... Continue…